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KREATOR @ Brutal Assault – Pevnost Josefov, Czech Republic – 06. 08. 2015

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KREATOR @ The Forum, London, UK – 18. 12. 2014

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KREATOR is an awesome band and their shows are always great, full of energy, the sound is great, they have perfect stage design, visual effects etc. This month they toured Europe with Arch Enemy, Sodom and Vader as support and had also a UK tour with ARCH ENEMY and SHINING with Marty Friedman.

Usually I don’t write any reviews or insights from the shows, but this time I just have to share some words. The reason is simple – the gig in London happened to be on the same date as Mille’s Birthday. Even though he clearly said he doesn’t really like this event and doesn’t want to celebrate it, the guys came up with an amazing idea how to surprise him. The event is now known as “Flag of Cake”. Usually, right before the song Mille’s assistant gives him the Flag of Hate into hand and the show continues. This time it was different. Mille was waiting with his hand open… but he didn’t get the Flag – instead of it he got a birthday cake and then all the guys from the crew and ARCH ENEMY joined him on stage with sparklers in their hands and started to congratulate him and sing the birthday song, the crowd also joined in. It was just awesome. Well, I guess you can get the idea from the photos below.

So… once again, Happy Birthday, dude! 🙂

SEPULTURA @ Metalfest 2014 – Amfiteátr Lochotín, Plzeň, Czech Republic – 31. 05. 2014

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KREATOR @ Rock am Härtsfeldsee 2014 – Dischingen, Germany – 28. 06. 2014

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Backstage @ Christmas Metal Festival 2011 – Lichtenfels, Germany – 25. 11. 2011

My external hard-drive is a magical thing that hides several secrets. This time I found some funny photos of Schmier (DESTRUCTION) and Kragen (HEATHEN) which I took in backstage at Christmas Metal Festival 2011. Those guys just love each other! True bromance! :))

KREATOR @ Backstage, Munich, Germany – 21. 12. 2012

Few days ago I realized, that I have plenty of photos from the last year’s Thrashfest tour.. and for some reason I published just 4 photos from Munich. So I decided to invest some time to edit some more and update the gallery, even though it’s almost a year since the gig happened. Would be pity to keep those just for myself! 🙂

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KREATOR @ Metal Invasion 2013 – Straubing, Germany – 19. 10. 2013

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KREATOR @ Rocková Ostrava 2013 – Dolní oblast Vítkovice, Ostrava, Czech Republic – 17. 08. 2013

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KREATOR @ Metal Invasion 2013 – Spital Am Semmering, Austria – 02. 08. 2013

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KREATOR @ Rockharz 2013 – Ballenstedt, Germany – 11. 07. 2013

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GENERATION KILL @ Backstage, Munich, Germany – 14. 06. 2013

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HEATHEN @ Nová Chmelnice, Prague, Czech Republic – 12. 06. 2013

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KREATOR @ Winter Masters Of Rock, Zlín, CZ – 24. 11. 2012

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After a gig in Vienna I joined guys for a gig in Zlin, too. And of course I took some pics! This time there are also some from backstage at Winter Masters Of Rock festival, where guys did some “practicing” together, they were playing and singing… 🙂 In fact it was much better show than the one which was on the main stage at the same time, haha! And Kreator live show later that evening? Great as always! You just have to love it. Oh yeah, awesome times…

VICIOUS RUMORS @ Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany – 03. 08. 2012

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EXODUS @ Queens Of Metal – Naturtheater Steinbach-Langenbach, Germany – 21. 07. 2012

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When I heard that EXODUS are playing not really far from where I live, I took my camera and jumped in my car. EXODUS is an amazing band and it’s always pleasure to see them and take photos of them. After some problems to find the right “Naturtheater Steinbach-Langenbach” (fuck you, GPS!) I made it safely to the venue. Very nice amphitheater in the middle of nowhere, family atmosphere, pleasant crew and lots of booze! Yeah, this is Queens of Metal!

SEPULTURA @ Bořeň Mysteria Open Air – Bílina, Czech Republic – 15. 07. 2012

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EXODUS @ Thrashfest – Arena, Vienna, Austria – 18. 12. 2011

Last show of the TF Classics tour 2011 took place in Vienna, Arena club.  And it was legen… wait for it… dary! I came there not only to drink & party but also to shoot some photos, see my work below, there are pics of Heathen, Destruction and, of course, Exodus. Btw: During the Exodus’ set Kragen Lum from Heathen joined the band for a song. Guys asked me to take pics of it and here is the result, enjoy!!! 🙂