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EXODUS @ Queens Of Metal – Naturtheater Steinbach-Langenbach, Germany – 21. 07. 2012

EXODUS official website:

When I heard that EXODUS are playing not really far from where I live, I took my camera and jumped in my car. EXODUS is an amazing band and it’s always pleasure to see them and take photos of them. After some problems to find the right “Naturtheater Steinbach-Langenbach” (fuck you, GPS!) I made it safely to the venue. Very nice amphitheater in the middle of nowhere, family atmosphere, pleasant crew and lots of booze! Yeah, this is Queens of Metal!

EXODUS @ Thrashfest – KC Vltavská, Prague, Czech Republic – 01. 12. 2011

EXODUS @ Brutal Assault – fortress Josefov, Czech Republic – 12. 08. 2011

After shooting Exodus at Brutal Assault I’ve realized, that it’s not so good idea to take pics from the first row.. but from some unknown reason I did it.. and here is the result! =)