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Backstage @ Christmas Metal Festival 2011 – Lichtenfels, Germany – 25. 11. 2011

My external hard-drive is a magical thing that hides several secrets. This time I found some funny photos of Schmier (DESTRUCTION) and Kragen (HEATHEN) which I took in backstage at Christmas Metal Festival 2011. Those guys just love each other! True bromance! :))

LORDI @ Christmas Metal Festival – Lichtenfels, Germany – 25. 11. 2011

On November I went to Lichtenfels, Germany to see my friends of Exodus playing at the Christmas Metal Festival and luckily I saw also Lordi! The show was great and powerful and even though I saw just part of it, I enjoyed it really much! Next time I’m sure I’ll catch the whole show! Here are some pics of those Finnish monsters I took there, have fun!

PS: Tonmi Lillman, known as Otus, drummer of Lordi, passed away few days ago, he lost his fight with a serious illness. Rest in peace, Otus.